Friday, July 21, 2017

The Arms of Hope Family Outreach Program

Since 1994, William (Bill) Minick has led consulting firm, PartnerSource, in Dallas, TX. Mr. Minick works with employers, lawyers, claims payers and insurance brokers to create innovative solutions to problems in the workers' compensation system. When he finds time away from his professional obligations, Bill Minick enjoys working with charitable nonprofits, including Arms of Hope

A faith-based organization that works to support children and single mothers in need, Arms of Hope operates homes in the San Antonio and Dallas areas of Texas. Originally founded as orphanages, the shelters now serve a wide variety of children and mothers. 

In addition to its residential childcare program and a program for motivated single mothers, Arms of Hope operates a family outreach program that helps families experiencing challenges by connecting them to appropriate resources. This can include referrals to other nonprofits, Christian counselors, life skills training programs, and financial help centers.